Miss Sunshine Daycare and Kindergarten Prep in Sunnyvale

Our amazing children learn so much as they transition from 3-month old Infants to Toddlers and 5 year old Pre-Schoolers. Miss Sunshine Daycare in Sunnyvale is the Pre-School Prep to enable their success in the group setting and structured schedule they will face.

Miss Sunshine Daycare in Sunnyvale is also a caring and nurturing environment. As your child grows, we inspire both their left-brain science and academic skills, their right-brain creativity, foster their identity and independence.

Our curriculum includes scheduled activities that specifically stimulate your child’s specific strengths and likes as well as free time to allow their personalities and inter-social skills to flourish.

If you worried about the transition to a new environment, we offer you a part-time option for the first month at a discounted fee.

I learn sooooo much!

Academic Skills

Circle time is a fundamental part of my day. I learn all the basics from the Alphabet to Counting to 100, Shapes, Colors, Food Groups, Animals and so much more. Each month Miss Tamara introduces a new language. I am greeted in that language and learn to say “please and thank you”. I learn about the country where that language is spoken and how to find it on our world map.

Social Skills

I have friends and playmates. I learn about Sharing, even when a friend has my favorite toy. I learn about Winning and Losing and Healthy Confict Resolution.

I have my Responsibilities during the day, helping with setup and cleanup. I learn about Manners and Integrety, Not to Tell Lies or Tattle on my friends.


Music is integral to develop my mind. It Boosts Brain Power, Improves Memory, Teaches Patience, and Fosters Creativity. Miss Tamara presents a variety of well renowned composers, from Beethoven to Tchaikovsky. I play musical instruments, learn the Instruments of the Orchestra and what sounds they make. There will be different genres of music playing daily in the background, to immerse me in the respective Culture and Music genre.

Creative Arts

Through Creative Art I learn Self Expression, Motor Skills, Visual Learning, Decision Making, Focus and Collaboration. I have so much fun working on Crafts, Posters, Coloring Pages, Playdoh Friday, etc. Each week Miss Tamara integrates a different theme, weaving Creative Arts into our Academic Skills, Language and Music topics.

Foreign Languages

Exposure to multiple languages and cultures improves my cognitive skills. Each month we focus on a Foreign Language and Country to reveal the broader world around me. I am greeted in that language and taught “Please, Thank you and Goodbye”. I learn to find the respective Country on the globe and Cultural Facts.


My parents never have to worry about my safety here. I learn in a fun positive way, how and when to call 911, the “Stop-Drop-Roll” rule, what to do in case of smoke, earthquake, or getting lost, Stranger Safety.
Miss Tamara is also CPR-certified and part of Sunnyvale’s Community Emergency Response Team (CERT). We have supplies for several days, in case getting to us becomes challenging.

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